Lots of bloggers today join the trend in writing about the Scandalous materials that Hayden Kho had recorded. Most of these bloggers are aiming to gain more traffic to their blogs from the googlers and yahooers who are looking for these kind of materials.

However, there are other bloggers who tend not to write about it because for them it's a way of promoting the scandalous materials. The blogs might contain no scandalous materials be since the blogger talks about them, it's like the bloggers are telling the blog's readers to search the internet for the scandalous materials.

However, writing about it without promoting the material is a way of waging war against the real porrn websites. So, when searchers tried to search the materials and then in the result the porrny websites are not found there, then that's one way of saving the internet users in finding the real scandalous materials.

I don't know if that's right but I think it's not wrong to do that.

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